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Beginner's Guide

Where do I get buttons from??

On the main buttons forum there is a subforum (in smaller print on the Forum front page - see the mouse pointer) called the Buttons Database: Buttons Database

The forum lists buttons alphabetically to help you to browse the list. You can change the order if you wish using the drop down boxes at the bottom of the page.

You can also use the search facility to find buttons by name.

How do I download them?

Click on the link for the button which you will find towards the top left corner of the post:-

Click the link

You'll see these two alert windows in succession:-

Confirmation Successfully Created

See the following section for how to get the button onto your toolbar.

Getting your new button onto a toolbar.

First make sure that the toolbar that you want to put your button on is visible. Also, and this is important, make sure that you have no other browser windows open. The button does not get automatically placed on any other open windows and will simply disappear when you go back to the first window that you opened.

Your new button has been placed in the "Customise Toolbars" pop-up window. To open this you can either:-

Use the standard menu from "View -> Toolbars -> Customize..."
View -> Toolbars -> Customize...

..or RIGHT-click on any open area of a toolbar and choose "Customise..." from the drop down menu

It can take a few seconds, but you will then see the pop-up "Customise Toolbars" window with a number of icons in it. Since yours is a new button it is most likely to be at the bottom of the collection there...
Toolbar Pallet

Hold down the LEFT mouse button and drag it to the place where you want it on your toolbar
Drag it to the toolbar

Then let go of the mouse button
Drop it

Click OK in the Customize Toolbar window to confirm the changes.

TIP: For those of you new to Firefox, now is a good time to rearrange any of your other toolbar buttons.

If there isn't a button that I want on the list?

Easy peasy - just ask for one.

The Button Requests Forum
Button Requests

Just let us know what you need and we'll see what we can do.

Do please remember that we are all volunteers and fit in helping out with buttons in our spare time.

If it's 'nearly' what I want, can I change it?

Sure. Go right ahead. All the buttons are open source and written in javascript. Open the button context menu (scroll down a bit) and choose "Edit". The button edit window has three tabs "Code", "Initialisation", and "Help"

What/Where is the context menu to get to 'Edit'?

The context menu will always be available via a "Shift+Right-Click" on the button. If it is not, then the author did something he shouldn't have, please contact the author about it.

How do I change the button image?

This is going to depend on whether or not the button author used the standard means of applying the button image or, for reasons of button operation, has changed the button image on the run in the button code.

Standard image changing:

Shift+Right-Click on the button to get the Context Menu and choose "Edit".

If your desired image is not on your computer you need to grab a copy of it from whichever on-line source that you are using and save it into a folder of your choice. If you know the url of the image, the image field also accepts urls.

To the right hand side of the "Image" input box click on the browse button as shown...
Change Image

Go to your folder and select your image:

You'll see your filename entered into the box. It's good practice to click on the "=>Base64" button to change your local file into a data file so that it can be used by everybody should you wish to post your button in our database.

Click on "OK" because you're done.

Coded image changes

It may be that the standard method of creating/changing a button image does not work. In that case it means that the author is changing buttons on the run in the code for the button. (As is the case in the example I've chosen here. The toggle button uses a down arrow to switch from the nav-bar to the bookmarks-bar, and an up arrow to switch back again.)

The button code may be in the "Code" tab, or it may be in the "Initialise" tab. In either case you need to look for lines in the code that will look something like this:
Image coded into button

It is most likely that the line will actually start as this.image = etc. and will then be followed by the data code. Using the same steps as outlined above it is the data in this line (and any others) that you will need to change for that of your chosen image. The easiest way to do that is to choose your image and change it to =>Base64 as above and then triple click on the data in the image box, right click on it and choose "Copy". It is a good idea to comment out the original line (just in case) and start your own line below it. You comment out the line by placing two slashes // in front of it. So you now have...
Comment Out and add new Image

Don't forget that the data should be enclosed in quote marks and that the whole line should end with a semi-colon...

this.image = "...etc...cdgt456r"; 

Referencing the same image multiple times

If you are going to be referring to the same image more than once it's a good idea to help you keep track (and keep the code size down) by using your own names for the image data. Then you can simply refer to each image by name in the code. So write something like...

var myimageUP = "...etc...cdgt456r";
var myimageDOWN = "...etc...cdgt456r";

[some code]

this.image = myimageUP;

[more code]

this.image = myimageUP;

And so on.

This FAQ

Why is this so empty?

'Cause we need help from you!

Where can I add my FAQ?

If you know the answer, then simply edit this wiki to add it. Use our wiki syntax (Markdown) for formatting.

General Extension Questions

Where can I get the latest Addons release (official & certified by Mozilla)?

Mozilla Addons

Where can I try out some of the latest "Beta Builds?"

Beta Builds are normally available on our home page.

What exactly does this extension do?

Once you have the extension installed, you can visit our forum's Button Database and click on buttons to install them. Once a button is installed it should be available from your Customize toolbar palette (View -> Toolbars -> Customize...), where you may add it to any toolbar you like.

The buttons you install can perform various tasks from simple to complex. The only real limitations are the coding skills of the author.

What mark-up language is used for the buttons?


Is there any Documentation?

Indeed there is Custom Buttons² Documentation

How can I determine a Button's ID?

Methods to determine a button's ID: 1. Select "Button Help" from the context menu & look at the Title bar of the alert. 2. Insure "Include Button ID Number" is checked & observe the button's tooltip. 3. Use the Button Names List button.

How can I delete a button?

Shift+Right-click the button and click delete. If this doesn't work, the author may have done something he shouldn't have, do the following:
Install or use the Edit Button button. You must be aware of the button ID. Assuming you can not access the context menu:

  1. Insure "Include Button ID Number" is checked & observe the button's tooltip.
  2. Use the Button Names List button.

Getting & Posting Buttons

Where do I get buttons?

All buttons are in the Buttons Database. Click on any button to install it.

Where can I post buttons?

Buttons may only be posted in the Buttons Database or the Graveyard. Do not post buttons anywhere else! Even if for support, link to the button in question.

How can I post buttons?

Post in the Buttons Database.
Shift+Right-click your button and choose, "Copy as BBCodeLink" then you can paste the button in the forum.
For a good template, you could use the Button Post² Custom Buttons² Button.

How do I make a Backup/Save a Button?

There are a few different ways to achieve this: * Right-click your button and choose, "Save this Button." This will prompt you to save an HTML file with your button on the page. Later you can open the html file in your browser to re-install your button. * Right-click your button and choose, "Bookmark Button." This will prompt you to save it to your bookmarks. Later you can open your bookmarks and click on the button to re-install it. * To backup all your buttons at once. Install the Batch Backup Button. This will prompt to save all your installed buttons as an html file.

How do I install a button in Thunderbird?

Method 1: * You should have an "Import a Button" button in Thunderbird. * Right-click on the button link in the forum, select "Copy link location". * Left-click on the "Import a Button". * The new button should appear to the right of the import button.

Method 2: * Right-click on Thunderbird toolbar and select "Add New Button". * Click "Ok" when the dialog pops up. Move the new button to the position you want. * Right-click on the button link in the forum, select "Copy link location". * Right-click on the new button in Thunderbird, select "Update Button".