BBCode (for the Forum)


This is a list of all BBCode tags available for use on our forums. Some of these are standard, others are only available at this site.

Text Formatting















Text-Color is specified with either a color name or a hexidecimal color code


both of the above would return the same color

Text Alignment

All the text alignment tags have two options but they all produce the same results.







Automatically parsing URLs

phpBB3 will automatically parse urls if you have the option to "Do not automatically parse URLs" unchecked, they are parsed if they confine to the following forms:

note that the "www" is required in the second example

URL Tags

You may optionally use the url tags if you have checked the option to "Do not automatically parse URLs." Many times it may be necessary to uncheck it if you are trying to avoid phpBB3 parsing something it shouldn't.


note that the "www" is required in the second example

Urls that display as regular text, but can be clicked on



Note that in some rare instances it has been necessary for users to disable Automatic URL's and/or smilies to display code completely correct.



Inline Code




the results are the same

Preformatted Text

[pre]some text    retaining spacing and such[/pre]

Block Quotes

For quoting text from a reference or other users even.


Specifying a user:



You may use iframes, but please limit this and only do it if you know the site does not mind.


Example, a 200 pixel tall iframe:


Alternatively there is another tag that allows for specification of some extra attributes:


Example, a 400 pixel wide, 200 pixel tall, border of 1 iframe:

Iframe: [iframe=]400,200,1[/iframe]


Note that our image tag is a little different than other forums, it allows for the use of data:uri encoded strings. Aside from that it operates the same


Example of a data:uri encoded string:


Image Wrapping

You may wrap an image in text:


where you should choose the placement of the image as either left or right of the post.

Custom Buttons

Most of the time you can just "Shift+Right-Click" on your button and choose the option for "Copy as BBCodeLink" then paste the contents of your clipboard to your post.

However, in the instance that you need to construct the tag:


Sometimes you may see users link to posts on the forum, where the link looks like it is actually a button. This is done using the cb tag from above.



There are two types of lists available, Ordered and Unordered.


[list][*]Item 1
[*]Item 2
[*]Item 3

Where the [*] represents the bullet


There are 5 types of ordered lists, the type is specified by what is put within the first tag:

[list=1|I|i|A|a][*]Item 1
[*]Item 2
[*]Item 3

If you use a 1, you will get a list such as:

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

If you use an I, it will use Roman Numerals. So on So forth.

It is also worthy to note that you cannot specify an arbitrary number for the lists.

[list=5][*]Item 5
[*]Item 6
[*]Item 7

This would not return the expected results, instead it would start at number 1.


This is quite specific to this forum. It allows you to add a section of text that you would like to be hidden by default. Upon clicking the Link the text becomes visible, clicking again will hide it again. Very useful for hiding all that Change Log information that no one really needs unless they really want it.

[toggle=Change Log]Hidden Text[/toggle]

When the page loads you would see:
Show Change Log

Once clicked you would see:
Hide Change Log
Hidden Text


Specifies that all elements within are table elements


Header row


Normal row




note that there should be cells within the header and normal rows.

Example, putting it all together:

    [td]Column 1[/td][td]Column 2[/td]
    [td]Cell 1[/td][td]Cell 2[/td]
    [td]Cell 3[/td][td]Cell 4[/td]

note that the above example has a lot of whitespace and linebreaks. If you do this on the forum you will end up with a bunch of space after your table. Why? A bug. So what should the above table really look like?

[table][th][td]Column 1[/td][td]Column 2[/td][/th][tr][td]Cell 1[/td][td]Cell 2[/td][/tr][tr][td]Cell 3[/td][td]Cell 4[/td][/tr][/table]

yes, it is much more difficult to read, but it is the best we have.


Column 1 Column 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Cell 3 Cell 4




Link Back

[goto=TargetAnchor]Any Text[/goto]



Make a google search for a word:


Produces Google word


Do a Wikipedia search


Produces Wikipedia word


A tag for moderators to specify any changes with a timestamp, very obvious.



A tag to place a comment in the code, for other people editing your post or yourself to see later.


Various Others

There are various others tags that simply link to different pages on the site (noted next to the tags are the places they link):

Tag Link
[bbcodes] BBCode Guide
[efaq] Extension FAQ
[home] Custom Buttons² Homepage
[index] Forum Index
[esupport] Extension Support
[fsupport] Forum Support
[buttons] Button Database
[graveyard] Graveyard
[requests] Button Requests
[kitchen] Data URI Kitchen
[pastebin] Pastebin
[search] Search