The Paleo Diet

What to Avoid – In addition to avoiding products made from grains and potatoes, on the Paleolithic Diet you will be avoiding or strictly limiting your intake of dairy products, salt, and sugar. Raw honey is the only natural sweetener you can use and it should be used sparingly. Salt should not be used at all. Beans are also avoided on this diet as they did not become part of the human diet until much later in history after cooking became routine. Food that comes in a box or has been refined and processed should be avoided as it has lost nutritional value and actually has anti-nutrients in it like sugar, trans fats, and chemical additives.

What to Eat – The Paleo diet consists of 30% protein, which is from sources like free range chickens, eggs, grass fed beef, organ meats, and fish. The next 30% of the diet is from carbohydrates and these come from fruits and root vegetables. The remaining 40% is made up of fats, which are rich in Omega-3s and can be obtained free-range animal meat and nuts. Except cashews and peanuts, nuts of all kinds can be eaten. You must consume food in its whole form, it is best to eat an apple rather than apple juice. A large part of your diet must comprise of raw vegetables and fruit. Organic food, which is close to its natural state is preferred. It might difficult to follow the Paleolithic Diet in the initial stages but this way of eating will help you lose weight and improve your health.