The hot tub lids is resourceful

I was at the carwash when it occurred to me that I wasn’t making the most of my hot tub lids.  Yes, it was keeping the hot tub from gathering leaves and dirt and tense squirrels, but in all probability it was capable of much more.   Maybe I could use the leaves that collected on it for center pieces; they would be delightful throughout the fall.  Maybe I could sell them at craft fairs, or even give them as presents.  No, there would probably be bugs and other ick that I would have to clean out, so that wouldn’t work.    Maybe I could use it as an outdoor pool table. I could cover the cover with felt; pull it taut and the rack up hours of fun. Except, when the weather’s so bad that we can’t use the hot tub, we probably won’t want to be outside playing pool anyway.  I guess I should just use it as a hot tub lids.