Smokers and My Air Purifier Reviews Adventure

I do not date smokers but I found one particular interesting one who respects people a lot and if anything, he would rather smoke within smokers areas than randomly. I came to understand that nicotine addiction is the worst addiction ever known in the medical field owing to replacement of natural stimulants with artificial ones. I think this man enlightened me; in fact, he has an air purifier in his room to reduce congestion of cigarette smoke. This is the kindest gesture I ever witnessed and I think I will give him more dates. The reason being anyone who seems to show accountability for any form addiction is as well thinking of the best way out of it. Owing to his gesture then I believe that nothing is written on stone, since it all depends on attitude and that reminds me. I will get pops one of those purifiers and my sister will know I am the best thing on this planet. Just have to read some air purifier reviews on google first. I have so much trouble deciding, there are so many filters out there.