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Stylish Mass Disable/Enable Styles

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Postby rawny on Sun Oct 05, 2008 4:06 pm

Author/Contributors: Rawny, zooot

Discussion/Support topic:

Related userstyles discussion:


    When the button refers to enabling or disabling all your Stylish user styles upon the next restart, it will in fact do that! Please exercise caution when using this button!

    To help avoid accidents (if all the confirmations aren't enough) the button now asks you if you want to save a snapshot of the current style states before enabling/disabling all styles.

    Mouse click behaviour:
    Opens a prompt allowing you to select the action to take:
    • Save a snapshot of current style states
    • Restore saved snapshot on next restart
    • Disable all stylish styles on next restart
    • Enable all stylish styles on next restart
    Right, Middle, Double, Shift+Right etc.
    Opens normal CB² context menu

    The save/restore features only save/restore the enabled/disabled state of user styles (a.k.a. a snapshot). This means, if you edit one of the styles and change what it does and then restore, it won't over-write your changes to the style itself, it will just disable/enable it dependant on how it was set when you last saved.

Alternative image:


Future plans:

  • Reading individual style descriptions/names from the stylish file and presenting these in a prompt with checkboxes so that styles can be selectively mass enabled/disabled.
    • Not implemented but decided it was a bit pointless with enabling/disabling being possible from the stylish manager and not seeing a way to implement this with less clicking.
  • Add an "enable all styles function" on right click
    • Added to v2
  • Add some way to save the currently enabled styles and then restore them at a later time, i.e. Styles A, C and D are enabled, style B is disabled and the user saves this state. Then they click the button to disable all the styles. Later they want their original state back so they restore it.
    • Added to v3
  • Add some prompts to ask user if they want to save the current state before enabling/disabling all.
    • Added to v6
  • Add an auto-restart if this can be done in a way that maintains user session.
    • Added to v7 - Thanks zooot!
  • (Figure out a way round the restart entirely!)
    • Not implemented but I believe the restarting is better as this is not part of stylish itself.
  • Add support for multiple snapshots/saves.
    • With support for merging two snapshots/saves into one
    • With support for enabling multiple snapshots/saves at once

Known issues:

  • None


  • Version 7 (2008-10-09 2:19am)
    • Added a restart function which maintains your session (by default confirmation is requested before restarting).
    • Added some preferences so you can set whether or not various confirmations, alerts and messages are displayed. (This includes turning off the sliding alerts makondo!) :P

Show full changelog

  • Version 6 (2008-10-07 1:47pm)
    • Added prompts asking if you want to save the current state before enabling or disabling all.
    • (Amended the help and tooltip text for clarity.)
  • Version 5 (2008-10-07 12:35pm)
    • Re-worked all the mouse handling into a prompt on left click.
    • Added confirmation dialogues, everywhere!
    • (Re-named the button).
  • Version 3 (2008-10-07 1:19am)
    • Added saving and restoring of current enabled/disabled states of user styles.
    • Re-configured mouse behaviour to avoid accidental enabling/disabling (hopefully).
    • (Added tooltip and help text detailing mouse click behaviour).
  • Version 2 (2008-10-06 1:21am)
    • Added "enable all user styles" to right click.
  • Version 1 (2008-10-05 5:10pm)
    • Initial Launch
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