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Postby rawny on Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:27 pm

:ff2: :cb2: Bookmark AllBookmark All

Author/Contributors: Rawny



    Mouse click behaviour:
    Open prompt to choose tabs to button-bookmark.
    Button-bookmark all tabs
    Clears button-bookmarks
    Open the button-bookmarks in new tabs
    Open the button-bookmarks in a new window
    Open the context menu of button-bookmarks
    Double, Shift+Right etc.
    Opens normal CB² context menu

I've added some code so that if makondo (or anyone else :P ) is on a google maps page, the button retrieves the link to the map (i.e. the one containing the map data and co-ordinates etc.) to save, rather than just the google maps url (i.e.,2.63768&sspn=10.08449,39.550781&ie=UTF8&z=8 as opposed to just This code can also be seen in my Google maps link retrieval button.

Alternative images:


Future plans:

  • Make the right click context menu display the list of button-bookmarked tabs, and allow them to be opened individually from said list
  • Add support for favicons in the list of button bookmarks
  • Add handling to add the default favicon to button-bookmarks (in the list) when they have no favicon otherwise.
  • Make the left click option open a dialogue so you can select which of the current tabs you want to button-bookmark (As part of this, move the current left click functionality to a different click.) - Added to version 5.1 (2008-10-10 4:26pm)
  • Add some code so that if makondo (or anyone else!) is on a google maps page, the button retrieves the link to the map (i.e. the one containing the map data and co-ordinates etc.) to save, rather than just the google maps url (i.e.,2.63768&sspn=10.08449,39.550781&ie=UTF8&z=8 as opposed to just - Added to version 5.5 (2008-10-12 5:32pm)
  • Add an item to the right click context menu to open all the button-bookmarks in tabs
    - Added to version 5.6 (2008-10-14 10:09am)
  • Add an item to the left click checkbox dialogue that bookmarks all the tabs if it is selected and OK is pressed, irrespective of which other checkboxes are checked.
    - Added to version 6 (2008-10-14 1:49pm)
  • Add support for opening all the button-bookmarks in a new window (shift+middle click probably) - Added to version 7 (2008-10-15 8:41pm)

  • Make the auto-retrieval of direct links to google maps optional, or make it a feature of the checkbox dialogue. For example, checking a google maps tab's checkbox could enable a dropdown so you could then choose direct link or tab URL (probably with an accompanying preference to determine which one is the default for the dropdown).

  • Add an item to the list to fully bookmark all the URLs in the list into a bookmark folder

  • Investigate/assist with adding (some of?) the functionality of this button into the make a bookmark button by nicholas as per his post here.

Known issues:

  • While testing the checkbox prompt, I noticed there were some problems passing tab titles into the checkbox dialogue when they contained certain characters. In particular titles containing "&" and/or "•". I have made the button replaces instances of these characters with "and" and "*" respectively, but there may be other characters that break the dialogue. So you may see an error message similar to the following example (here the problem was the "&") when trying to open the checkbox dialogue.

    Code: Select all
    XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Location: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/.../Application%20Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/.../cb_BA_dialog.xul
    Line Number 15, Column 76:<checkbox id="1" checked="false" label="Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket"/>

    If you do see any such error, please post a copy of the message in the button's discussion/support topic, so I can add code to escape the character causing the problem.


  • Version 7 (2008-10-15 8:41pm)
    • Added "Open all in new window" to menu and to shift+middle click

Show full changelog

  • Version 6.1 (2008-10-15 4:43pm)
    • I noticed that after a restart the "Open all in tabs" item and the middle click behaviour (which calls the same function) were failing to do anything, from the looks of it, neither could access the function. So I've been toying with the code for aaaaages and have effectively just renamed the function :? I don't know if this affected anyone else, but in case it did, the problem is fixed in this version, afaik.
  • Version 6 (2008-10-14 1:49pm)
    • Added a "button-bookmark all tabs" item to the left click checkbox dialogue
  • Version 5.6 (2008-10-14 10:09am)
    • Added an "Open all in tabs" item to the right click context menu
  • Version 5.5 (2008-10-12 5:32pm)
    • Added some code to retrieve the direct link to Google maps when on a google maps page, so that that is button-bookmarked instead of the generic etc.
    • Added some more escaping for " and – characters
      (nb. – is completely different to - :lmao: )
  • Version 5.3 (2008-10-12 2:39am)
    • Amended help and tooltip text slightly
  • Version 5.2 (2008-10-11 11:59pm)
    • Tiny addition of code to clear a particular array before it data is added to it, just in case this was causing any issues and because I had forgotten to put the code in first time :blush:
  • Version 5.1 (2008-10-11 4:26pm)
    • Added a checkbox dialogue to the left click, so that you can select which tabs you want to button-bookmark, as opposed to all of them.
    • Moved the button-bookmark all functionality to Shift+Left click.
    • Added tooltip text with the mouse click behaviour.
  • Version 4.1 (2008-10-01 01:24am)
    • Added handling to use (hardcoded) default favicon in the list if the tab does not have a favicon of its own
  • Version 4 (2008-09-30 08:25pm)
    • Added support for favicons in the list of button bookmarks.
  • Version 3.2 (2008-09-30 11:30am)
    • Made the click behaviour in the buttons context menu respect different clicks and modifier keys. For example, Shift+Left clicking a button-bookmark will open it in a new window.
    • Fixed a slight bug where the button-bookmarks would not be cleared entirely if adding less tabs to the button-bookmarks than there were previously.
  • Version 3 (2008-09-29 2:22pm)
    • Added right click context menu with list of button-bookmarks
    • Added function to clear button-bookmarks on ctrl+left click
  • Version 1 (2008-09-28 4:44pm)
    • Initial release

Last bumped by rawny on Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:27 pm.
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