Facebook: Is it Truly a Waste of Time?

Facebook and other social networking sites such as myspace, google plus, and linkedin, are NOT at all a waste of time. There are few downsides to social networking sites and several positive aspects. These sites provide a support system of friends, family, and coworkers, for all people involved. These sites can be used to make friends, share ideas, ask for help, or just relieve stress, like playing games or even decorating your profile page with some banners. It also helps greatly by allowing people to contact others, when they are not able to contact them directly through other means of communication. These networking sites can also help people to keep in contact with friends and family members easily. Most of all, these sites can help relieve stress because whoever uses them can talk to people they know, play games, share thoughts, and keep updated with what is going on in the social world. This proves that social networking sites are definitely not a waste of time.