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Version 2009-03-02 210.70 KB
Bump Version for Add-ons release.
Added - Dump Method to log Messages to the Console Added - selectBox Method to allow button Authors a non menu way to make a selection Updated - Forum Signature listener to the new element ID Updated - sCB2Homepage to correct new default button homepage
Bug Fix - Backup Custom Buttons button style bug duplicate declaration of color variables.
Bug Fix - Backup Custom Buttons button style bug in the credits prevented altering font color.
Bug Fix - Disable selected context menu items not disabling correctly
Updated - Regular Exression to detect the correct to target for inserting the current Custom Buttons² version. Bug Fix - sOvrlyCB2ExtName - close quote in the wrong place - moved. Added - selectBox method Syntax is: custombuttons.selectBox( sTitle, sPrompt, nListLength, aList[, oSelect] ) Added - Backup Custom Buttons button as custombuttons-button00
Version 1969-12-31 0.00 KB
Bump Version for Add-ons release. Updated - Import a Button² Modified - Editor.js, Cb2_overlay.js and to programatically produce the ² character appended to Custom Buttons. Bug Fix - Found and fixed small bug in button link where Windows added a %0D to the linefeed making the link differ between OS's Added - toggle function Syntax is: custombuttons.toggle( bVar[, bState] )
Version 2009-03-03 187.53 KB
Modified - Delete is now MiddleDoubleClick+ctrl+alt+shift. A little more difficult by design. Added - Edit is LeftDoubleClick+ctrl+alt+shift Added - Copy custombutton link to Clipboard is RightDoubleClick+ctrl+alt+shift. This will popup the context but the link will make it to the clipboard. Bug Fix - getPref not passing default value for requested pref. Bug Fix - Error thrown on button remove in this.App due to Fx3 not having toolbarbuttons in the toolbar palette Added - DoubleClick with ctrl+alt+shift to remove the target button Added - safe pref to force the DoubleClick kill button to ask for confirmation. Added - Formal support for Sunbird version 1.0pre.
Version 2009-03-03 184.44 KB
Bump Version for Add-ons release. Bug Fix - Repeated version updates or install events firing with out a new update. Removed - Removed - Prompt to delete all custombutton data, till strings can be localized. Bug Fix - Fixed regression in bookmark button now works again in Fx2.0.0.20 Bug Fix - Re-engineered the shutdown detection to utilize an observer eliminating an endless script error. Added - FUEL support Added - support for FUEL like calling syntax compatible with Fx2 Bug Fix - isPref & clearPrefs functions that had bad code. Added - observer to observe extension events so we can react to disable/uninstall/cancel events Completed - firstRun development Added - Shutdown processing to set the environment to support hoped for re-try Added - Ctrl+s support in the button code/Help fields (Saves the mods like Apply) Regression - In Thunderbird and Fx 2 the find feature in the code editor places the selection out of view. Mozilla's methods differ between these versions. Bug Fix - removed bad function call in clearPrefs method. Bug Fix - Custom Buttons² version failed to display in firstRun slide Modified - code editor to NOT wrap lines. This was causing issues with find due to wrapped text. Improved - codeeditor.xml to consistantly display the found selection within the visible area of the edit window. Added - Support for First Run detection whenever any different version of the Extension is insatlled Added - FUEL capability for prefs handling. Bug Fix - Cleaned up the radio and check box dialog file handling Changed - writeFile to writeFileObj to resolve a naming conflict (2 methods with identical names) Changed - createDir method to createSubDir and modified its code to more clearly define its function Added - cleanUp method to remove the files created to produce the xul files. Added - Cb2AuthorAlert String to the string bundle Bug Fix - Fx Ver 3.0.5 dropping deleted buttons to the toolbar palette. Bug Fix - Fx and Tb Version 2.* removeButton method failed. Cb variable not scoped. Bug Fix - ViewCodes Context always visible Bug Fix - Regression in overlay.css messed up page tooltips. Bug Fix - Thunderbird compose Unable to save or apply when adding/editing a button Window enumerator providing a third window which fails to scope custombuttons Bug Fix - Wrapper detect again working in Shredder so commented out code re-instated in toolbarbutton.xml Bug Fix - removeButton attempting to access the button in the palette fails in Fx3. Moved - the palette code to the App object so we can alter behavior by application version Added - Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese (Brazilian) translations. Bug Fix - Selection not showing inside the Editor visible window when searching. Upped - the Firefox Version compatibility to Fx Version 3.2.*
Version 2.0.8 2009-03-03 175.39 KB
Addons Release Version - Should be compatable with Firefox ver. 3.1* Bug Fix - Corrected button slipt character regression due to character encoding. Bug Fix - getCustombuttonNodes method Doubles the buttons early versions of FF. Fixed the if statement to eliminate the dups. Changed - To accommodate TB 3.1 Shredder/3.0b2pre and beyond which which mess with the Customize toolbar context menuitem I changed disabled to hidden and used an if structure to differentiate earlier versions. Added - method to gather all our custombutton nodes in 1 method to slim down the code size and centralize that process Bug Fix - FF version 3.1b3pre was throwing an error on an edit save/Apply due to its not having a parentNode when re-initializing. Bug Fix - FF version 3.1b3pre was throwing an error on an edit save/Apply due Added - Custom Buttons version to the tooltip for button zero. Added - method findButtonsOnBars which returns an array of Custonbutton XUL. To accommodate FF 3.1 Shiretoko/3.1b3pre and beyond which remove xul objects from the palette when they are placed on a toolbar Bug Fix - Buttons on the toolbars not being saved to buttonsoverlay.xul Modified - method saveButtonsToProfile to gather the button objects residing on the toolbars. Bug Fix - Unable to edit, add, clone, install or update buttons Modified - getPaletteMember to also scan the toolbars if the custombutton requested in not in the palette. Bug Fix - Potential to duplicate custombutton ID's in the creation of a new button. Modified - min_button_number to properly register buttons on the toolbars when missing from the palette Bug Fix - Potential memory leak from added listener with version Added removeEventListener to the close method. Updated - Considerably cleaned up the code/documentation of the checkbox/radio dialog code. This reduced file size by over 1 KB