Custom Buttons²

The Custom Buttons² Firefox extension provides the code base support necessary to create, maintain, import, and export custom toolbar buttons. The buttons can perform just about any task, with a large number of buttons already available on the extension's forum.

Custom Buttons² extension buttons can be written to do various tasks that the user may require. The buttons are coded in JavaScript. Many bookmarklets can easily be converted to buttons.

Extension developers will find this extension quite useful in the development cycle.

CB2 Development for Fx 3.* and 4.*

We are looking to revive the extension a bit for the new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird.

First tasks, simply make it work. After that we will be looking to make some additional features.

I am looking for any seasoned extension developers who want to help out with this. I am currently getting to working on this but I will be excited to have more developers on board. I am mostly a web developer (PHP, JS, CSS, and etc) but can do extension development too. I would like to have someone else to collaborate with on fixes.

You need to be familiar with SVN in order to help out.

Drupal Developers

I am a well versed and professional Drupal developer but need some assistance in maintaining and working on the current site since I don't have time to do everything myself.

The current implementation of the site needs a lot of work and some sections need to be remade a bit. Some things turned out really great, but others meh.

What I am looking for:

A Drupal developer who wants to volunteer time in helping an open source project become revitalized.

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