Buttons that Depend on (and Compliment) Extensions

Button Depends on (and Compliments) Extension(s)

Address Bar Companion Address Bar Companion
Duplicate Tab

autoHideStatusbar autoHideStatusbar

BBCode Menu button BBCode Menu button

bbcode Text Size Selector bbcode Text Size Selector

Button deCompile Compile Group Button deCompile Compile Group
Custom Buttons²

Button Post button Button Post button
Custom Buttons²

ButtonPost² ButtonPost²
Custom Buttons²

CacheViewer Button CacheViewer Button

Charset Switcher Button Charset Switcher Button
Charset Switcher

Clear Download Manager Clear Download Manager
Download Statusbar

Clipboard History button Clipboard History button

Close and/or Set TMP on-tab-close focus behaviour buttons Close and/or Set TMP on-tab-close focus behaviour buttons
Tab Mix Plus

Color Chooser bbcode Ext Color Chooser bbcode Ext

ConQuery Buttton Menu ConQuery Buttton Menu

Cookie Culler / Clear Cache Cookie Culler / Clear Cache

CookieCuller CookieCuller

Cooliris/PicLens - launch the extension buttons Cooliris/PicLens - launch the extension buttons

Custom Buttons² Custom Buttons²
Custom Buttons
All-in-One Sidebar
Drag & DropZones
Custom Buttons²

Custom User Style Editor Custom User Style Editor
context menu extension
Context Menu Extension

deBug Buttons Button deBug Buttons Button
Custom Buttons²

Dom Inspector Button Dom Inspector Button
DOM Inspector
DOM Inspector - Mac OS X
DOM Inspector Linux

DOMi / Error Console DOMi / Error Console
DOM Inspector
DOM Inspector - Mac OS X
DOM Inspector Linux

DownThemAll! DownThemAll!

Drag to Split Browser Drag to Split Browser
Split Browser

Duplicate tab button Duplicate tab button
Tab Mix Plus

Edit Button Edit Button
Custom Buttons²

Faviconize (AutoFaviconize Domain) Button Faviconize (AutoFaviconize Domain) Button

FEBE button FEBE button

Feign iPhone Mode Feign iPhone Mode
User Agent Switcher

Firefox Search Sidebar Firefox Search Sidebar
Firefox Search Sidebar

Firefox Showcase by: KuRmA Firefox Showcase by: KuRmA
Firefox Showcase

FireFTP in a dialog by: xpi FireFTP in a dialog by: xpi

Foxytunes button Group Foxytunes button Group

FTP Upload Button FTP Upload Button
ScribeFire Blog Editor

Function/Object Viewer Group Function/Object Viewer Group
DOM Inspector
DOM Inspector - Mac OS X
DOM Inspector Linux

GetEmbedded GetEmbedded
Download Embedded

Gladder Button Gladder Button

Google Notebook in Splitted Browser or Sidebar Google Notebook in Splitted Browser or Sidebar
Google notebook

Google Notebook Google Notebook
Google Notebook
Google Notebook

Google Reader Button by: disturbedHR Google Reader Button by: disturbedHR
Google Reader

Greasemonkey Button Greasemonkey Button

Import a Button² Import a Button²
Custom Buttons²

JavaScript Panel Button JavaScript Panel Button
Context Menu Extension

Joga Companion Sidebar Joga Companion Sidebar
Joga Companion

Keyconfig Button Keyconfig Button

Menu Editor, Keyconfig & Organize Status Bar All In One Menu Editor, Keyconfig & Organize Status Bar All In One
Menu Editor
Organize Status Bar

MenuManipulator Button MenuManipulator Button
Menu Manipulator

My Config Buttons My Config Buttons
MR Tech Toolkit

Open File, Install Extension & Install Theme All In One Open File, Install Extension & Install Theme All In One
MR Tech Toolkit

Organize Status Bar Button Organize Status Bar Button
Organize Status Bar

Pageaddict Button Pageaddict Button

Play images Play images
Web Developer

QuickNote / Metapad QuickNote / Metapad

Quicknotes Button Quicknotes Button

Save As, Save Complete & Save As MHT All In One Save As, Save Complete & Save As MHT All In One
Save Complete

Scrapbook plus Autosave Scrapbook plus Autosave
Scrapbook AutoSave

sidebarButton maker; several example sidebar buttons sidebarButton maker; several example sidebar buttons
All-in-One Sidebar

Split Browser extension Custom Button Split Browser extension Custom Button
Split Browser

StumbleUpon Button StumbleUpon Button

Stylish Stylish

Tab to Window & Duplicate Tab Group Tab to Window & Duplicate Tab Group
Tab Mix Plus

Thunderbrowse button for Thunderbird Thunderbrowse button for Thunderbird

Toggle Firefm Toolbar Toggle Firefm Toolbar

Toggle on-tab-close focus left/right (requires tab mix plus) Toggle on-tab-close focus left/right (requires tab mix plus)
Tab Mix Plus

Toggle Roboform Toolbar Toggle Roboform Toolbar
Roboform Toolbar for Firefox

Undo Closed Tab w/TMP Undo Closed Tab w/TMP
Tab Mix Plus

URL Lister Button URL Lister Button
URL Lister

User Agent to Clipboard User Agent to Clipboard
MR Tech Toolkit

userChrome.js edit button userChrome.js edit button
MR Tech Toolkit

View Source Panel Button View Source Panel Button
ScribeFire Blog Editor

Web Developer Menu Button Web Developer Menu Button
Web Developer

Wikipedia Toolbar Button Wikipedia Toolbar Button

Windoze Update Windoze Update

WIZZ RSS feed button by: KuRmA WIZZ RSS feed button by: KuRmA
Wizz RSS News Reader

X-Ray Button X-Ray Button