Buttons Compatible with Minefield

Button Authors

Add New Button Add New Button

Add new test button Add new test button

Add SearchWord Button Add SearchWord Button

Add-ons Manager  Add-ons Manager

Address Bar Companion Address Bar Companion

Advanced Go Button Advanced Go Button

Auto Login Auto Login

autoHideStatusbar autoHideStatusbar

BBCode Color Picker Menu BBCode Color Picker Menu

BBCode Menu button BBCode Menu button

bbcode Text Size Selector bbcode Text Size Selector

BBCode Toggle² Button BBCode Toggle² Button

Big Screen Big Screen

Bloglines Subscribe beta Bloglines Subscribe beta

Bookmark this Page Bookmark this Page

Bookmark to folder Bookmark to folder

Browse Folder Browse Folder

Browser Launch Button Group Browser Launch Button Group

Browser Launch Buttons, for Linux Browser Launch Buttons, for Linux

Browser Manipulator Menu-Button Browser Manipulator Menu-Button

Button Archive List (for user profile) Button Archive List (for user profile)

Button Post button Button Post button

Button Re-Format button Button Re-Format button

Buttons names list Buttons names list

CacheViewer Button CacheViewer Button

Calculator Calculator

Case Case

CB² Forum Favs CB² Forum Favs

Check 'em All - Checkbox button Check 'em All - Checkbox button

Clear Cache (NO prompt) Clear Cache (NO prompt)

Clickany button Clickany button

Clipboard History button Clipboard History button

Clippings Menu Clippings Menu

Color Chooser bbcode Ext Color Chooser bbcode Ext

Color Wizard Color Wizard

Compact Menu Button Compact Menu Button

ConQuery Buttton Menu ConQuery Buttton Menu

Cookie Culler / Clear Cache Cookie Culler / Clear Cache

CookieCuller CookieCuller

Cooliris/PicLens - launch the extension buttons Cooliris/PicLens - launch the extension buttons

Copy Links/Convert to BBCode Copy Links/Convert to BBCode

Copy Rapidshare links Copy Rapidshare links

Custom Buttons² Context Menu Demo Custom Buttons² Context Menu Demo

Custom User Style Editor Custom User Style Editor

Customize Toolbar & Bookmarks Manager All In One Customize Toolbar & Bookmarks Manager All In One

Customize toolbar button Customize toolbar button

Data:URI Generator Data:URI Generator

Date-Time Stamp Date-Time Stamp

del.icio.us del.icio.us

Demo Buttons Group Demo Buttons Group

Dictionary from highlighted text button Dictionary from highlighted text button

Digi Key Fast Add Button, by Jessef Digi Key Fast Add Button, by Jessef

Digital Clock (with Date and Time Properties) Digital Clock (with Date and Time Properties)

Dom Inspector Button Dom Inspector Button

DOMi / Error Console DOMi / Error Console

Download all images from all extensions Download all images from all extensions

Download Manager Download Manager

Download Manager Download Manager

DownThemAll! DownThemAll!

Drag & Drop to & from Clipboard Drag & Drop to & from Clipboard

Drag to Split Browser Drag to Split Browser

Drupal Smileys Drupal Smileys

Drupal Theme Switcher Drupal Theme Switcher

DuplicateTab² DuplicateTab²

Easy Reader (1-click) Easy Reader (1-click)

Edit Current page Button Edit Current page Button

Error Console Bottom Panel Button Error Console Bottom Panel Button

Extension Finder  Extension Finder

Extensions Menu Button Extensions Menu Button

External Applications External Applications

Fave It! Fave It!

Faviconize (AutoFaviconize Domain) Button Faviconize (AutoFaviconize Domain) Button

FEBE button FEBE button


Findbar Toggle Findbar Toggle

Firefox Search Sidebar Firefox Search Sidebar

Firefox Showcase by: joseprio Firefox Showcase by: joseprio

Firefox Showcase by: KuRmA Firefox Showcase by: KuRmA

FireFTP in a dialog by: xpi FireFTP in a dialog by: xpi

First Tab/Last Tab Button First Tab/Last Tab Button

Foreground-Image Swap with Background-Image Constant Foreground-Image Swap with Background-Image Constant

Foxytunes button Group Foxytunes button Group

GetEmbedded GetEmbedded

GetFile GetFile

Gladder Button Gladder Button

Gmail Compose Gmail Compose

Go Button Enhancement Go Button Enhancement

Google Calendar Google Calendar

Google from highlighted text button Google from highlighted text button

Google Notebook in Splitted Browser or Sidebar Google Notebook in Splitted Browser or Sidebar

Google Notebook Google Notebook

Google Translate Google Translate

Greasemonkey Button Greasemonkey Button

Highlight Button Group Highlight Button Group

Hover Links Hover Links

Insert tab button Insert tab button

Insert ² button Insert ² button

Javascript and JavaToggle Group Javascript and JavaToggle Group

Keyconfig Button Keyconfig Button

Keyword Manager Keyword Manager

Line Count button Line Count button

Link Menus Link Menus

Load in IE tab Load in IE tab

Load Print Link Load Print Link

Load Printer Friendly Version Load Printer Friendly Version

Login filler Login filler

Make A Bookmark Button Make A Bookmark Button

MediaWiki TOC MediaWiki TOC

meme proxy button meme proxy button

Menu Editor + Menumanipulator by: xpi Menu Editor + Menumanipulator by: xpi

Menu Editor Button Menu Editor Button

Menu Editor, Keyconfig & Organize Status Bar All In One Menu Editor, Keyconfig & Organize Status Bar All In One

MenuManipulator Button MenuManipulator Button

My Config Buttons My Config Buttons

network.Proxy toggle network.Proxy toggle

New Button Updater New Button Updater

New Tab button Group New Tab button Group

Notepad / Word / Wordpad Notepad / Word / Wordpad

notepad sidebar notepad sidebar

Number of Days to Christmas Number of Days to Christmas

Object Inspector Object Inspector

Old Button Mover Group Old Button Mover Group

online/offline and toggle proxy button (Combined) online/offline and toggle proxy button (Combined)

Open File, Install Extension & Install Theme All In One Open File, Install Extension & Install Theme All In One

Open Files and Folders Open Files and Folders

Open In Sidebar Open In Sidebar

Open Location Open Location

Options Buttons Group Firefox & Flock Options Buttons Group Firefox & Flock

Options Options

Organize Status Bar Button Organize Status Bar Button

Page Note by: newf Page Note by: newf

Pageaddict Button Pageaddict Button

Paint (not M$) by: newf Paint (not M$) by: newf

Paranoid Button (Private Data Dialog) Paranoid Button (Private Data Dialog)

Paste and go (for CB2) Paste and go (for CB2)

Paste clipboard text in a new tab as HTML Paste clipboard text in a new tab as HTML

Permanent Bookmark Permanent Bookmark

Permanent Bookmarks Permanent Bookmarks

Pidgin Launch, by snwbdr987 Pidgin Launch, by snwbdr987

Platypus Platypus

Play images Play images

Play Sound at Startup Play Sound at Startup

Popup Toolbar Popup Toolbar

Preference Toggle Button Preference Toggle Button

Print, Page Setup & Print Preview All In One Print, Page Setup & Print Preview All In One

Print/Print Preview Print/Print Preview

PrismSearch PrismSearch

Profile Button by: snwbdr987 Profile Button by: snwbdr987

Proxy button by: Yan Proxy button by: Yan

QuickNote / Metapad QuickNote / Metapad

Quicknotes Button Quicknotes Button

QuickPrint by: mr.ratburn QuickPrint by: mr.ratburn

Quit Firefox, by snwbdr Quit Firefox, by snwbdr

Readymade Left/Middle/Right/Shift Click Readymade Left/Middle/Right/Shift Click

Reload All Tabs Reload All Tabs

Reload Skip Cache  Reload Skip Cache

Reload, Reload Skip Cache & Reload All All In One Reload, Reload Skip Cache & Reload All All In One

RememberTheMilk Bookmarklet Button RememberTheMilk Bookmarklet Button

Replace text in a non-standard  Replace text in a non-standard "text box" [demo]

Resize Image Resize Image

Resize Text Area Resize Text Area

Restart Restart

Rollyo RollBar Rollyo RollBar

Run command simulator Run command simulator

Save As, Save Complete & Save As MHT All In One Save As, Save Complete & Save As MHT All In One

Save Favicon Save Favicon

Save favicon Save favicon

Save Favicon Save Favicon

Save Images Save Images

Save Page Save Page

Scrapbook, by newf Scrapbook, by newf

Script Loader Script Loader

Scrybe this! button  by: ICDeadPpl Scrybe this! button by: ICDeadPpl

ScrybeIt Button ScrybeIt Button

Search Engine Button Search Engine Button

Search Engine Button Search Engine Button

Search Engine Buttons Search Engine Buttons

Search from Location Bar Search from Location Bar

Search the current site with Google Search the current site with Google

Select All Select All

Selection to new tab by: Jessef Selection to new tab by: Jessef

Shorten URL Button Shorten URL Button

Shorten URL Button, by LouCypher Shorten URL Button, by LouCypher

Show Desktop Show Desktop

sidebar menu button (highly configurable) sidebar menu button (highly configurable)

Sidebar Menu Button Sidebar Menu Button

sidebarButton maker; several example sidebar buttons sidebarButton maker; several example sidebar buttons

Split Browser extension Custom Button Split Browser extension Custom Button

Stop & Stop All Tabs All In One Stop & Stop All Tabs All In One

Stop All Tabs Stop All Tabs

Stop button Stop button

Stop Refresh button Stop Refresh button

StumbleUpon Button StumbleUpon Button

Stylish Disable/Enable All Stylish Disable/Enable All

Stylish Quick Edit Stylish Quick Edit

Stylish Style List Toggle Stylish Style List Toggle

Stylish Stylish

Sunbird Sunbird

Switch Tabbar Position Switch Tabbar Position

Tab to Window & Duplicate Tab Group Tab to Window & Duplicate Tab Group

Tabs List Button Menu Tabs List Button Menu

Text replace button Text replace button

Text Size Buttons Text Size Buttons

Thunderbird Compose from Firefox Thunderbird Compose from Firefox

Thunderbird Launcher Thunderbird Launcher

Tiny Menu Button Tiny Menu Button

Toggle Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper Toggle Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper

Toggle Address/Search by: newf Toggle Address/Search by: newf

Toggle Address/Search by: newf Toggle Address/Search by: newf

Toggle BETWEEN Main or Bookmarks toolbars Toggle BETWEEN Main or Bookmarks toolbars

Toggle Bold/Normal Fonts Toggle Bold/Normal Fonts

Toggle Bookmarks Toolbar Toggle Bookmarks Toolbar

Toggle Cookies Toggle Cookies

Toggle Cookies Toggle Cookies

Toggle Cookies: by LouCypher Toggle Cookies: by LouCypher

Toggle Firefm Toolbar Toggle Firefm Toolbar

Toggle Focus behavior for new tabs. Toggle Focus behavior for new tabs.

Toggle Google Toolbar Toggle Google Toolbar

Toggle Pipelining Toggle Pipelining

Toggle Referers Toggle Referers

Toggle Roboform Toolbar Toggle Roboform Toolbar

Toggle Session Restore Toggle Session Restore

Toggle Sidebar Toggle Sidebar

Toggle System Colors Toggle System Colors

Toggle Tabbar Toggle Tabbar

Toggle Toolbars Toggle Toolbars

Toggle Wrap Long Lines Toggle Wrap Long Lines

Toggle Zoom - toggles between FF3 and <= FF2 zoom behaviour Toggle Zoom - toggles between FF3 and <= FF2 zoom behaviour

Toogle Colors Toogle Colors

ToolBar IconSize Support ToolBar IconSize Support

Toolbar Manipulator Toolbar Manipulator

Toolbar Names List Toolbar Names List

Toolbar Toggle Button Lite Group Toolbar Toggle Button Lite Group

Toolbar toggler² Toolbar toggler²

Top, Bottom and Middle All In One Top, Bottom and Middle All In One

Top/Middle/Bottom of Page button Group Top/Middle/Bottom of Page button Group

Tor and Proxy Switcher Tor and Proxy Switcher

Undo Closed Tab w/TMP Undo Closed Tab w/TMP

URL Lister Button URL Lister Button

URL-Tools URL-Tools

userChrome.js edit button userChrome.js edit button

userChrome.js w/o userChrome.js extension by: deepakjoshi04 userChrome.js w/o userChrome.js extension by: deepakjoshi04

View Clipboard View Clipboard

View Selection Source in Tab View Selection Source in Tab

View Source / Selection source View Source / Selection source

View Source by: Aranittara View Source by: Aranittara

View Source by: xpi View Source by: xpi

View Source Panel Button View Source Panel Button

Visible Links Visible Links

Visible Links, by newf Visible Links, by newf

Weather button Weather button

Wikipedia from highlighted text button Wikipedia from highlighted text button

Wikipedia Toolbar Button Wikipedia Toolbar Button

Windows Lock, Control Pane, Task Manager Windows Lock, Control Pane, Task Manager

Windows Shortcuts Windows Shortcuts

Windoze Update Windoze Update

WIZZ RSS feed button by: KuRmA WIZZ RSS feed button by: KuRmA

X-Ray Button X-Ray Button

Your Clipboard Button - to fill the forms Your Clipboard Button - to fill the forms