Button Categories

App. Appearance

Buttons which affect the appearance of the application, for example "Full Screen" or "Toggle Chrome".

App. Config.

Buttons which affect the applications preferences, such as "Toggle pop-up blocker" or the "Javascript and JavaToggle Group".


Buttons to assist with bookmarking, such as "Bookmark this Page" or "Make A Bookmark Button".

CB² Ext. Enhancement

Buttons to assist with CB² development such as the "Edit Button" or "Backup Custom Buttons".

Cloned From Extensions

Buttons that replace the buttons supplied with extensions, generally for aesthetic reasons, for example the "FEBE button".


Demonstrative buttons to assist with code development.


"Number of Days to Christmas" button, 'nuff said.


Navigation buttons such as the "Go up buttons", "Home²" or "Paste and go (for CB2)".


Buttons that affect, manage, or alter the Application's cookies, Private Data or History options.


Buttons recommended by the Custom Buttons² Team.

Search Tools

Buttons that run searches or assist with them, such as "Dictionary from highlighted text button" or "Add SearchWord Button".


Buttons that affect, manage, or alter the Application's Passwords, Attack/Web forgeries or content warning message options.


Buttons to do with the opening, closing or general handling of tabs such as "New Tab²" or "Close Tab".

Text Formatting

Buttons to format text, such as the "BBCode Justify Group" the "Charset Switcher Button" or "Change case".


Buttons for manipulating extension or default toolbars, such as "Toolbar Toggler²" or the "Wikipedia Toolbar Button".


Generally useful and time-saving buttons, such as "Check 'em All" or "External Applications".

Web development

Buttons to assist with web development, such as the "View Source Panel Button" or the "Function/Object Viewer Group".